Parking in Åndalsnes

Parking in Åndalsnes

Short-term parking in the town center of Åndalsnes is free. The parking spaces are marked with the parking disc symbol, and you are required to register the time of arrival either on your parking disc, parking app or by writing down the time on a note, and place it visibly behind the front window of the car. All parking spaces are signposted with information on the number of hours you can park your vehicle on exactly that space.

In the map above, use the + button in the bottom left corner to zoom in. Click on the button a few times and you will see a blue line around the area that is defined as the town center. Parking inside this area is free, but you must register your arrival time either on a paper note, or by using a parking disc or mobile phone app (see further information below).

In some car parks outside the town center, you will have to pay for parking. Look at signs locally to see what applies in that exact area.

Åndalsnes town center - Free short-term parking spaces

There is free short-term street parking in the town center of Åndalsnes, on the following streets:

  • Gamle Romsdalsveg
  • Grandbakken
  • Nesgata
  • Jernbanegata
  • Storgata
  • Vollan
  • Havnegata
  • Strandgata

In addition, the parking is free in the car park at Vøra (outside Norsk Tindesenter - The Norwegian Mountaineering Center) and behind town hall.

And there is free parking in some car parks just outside the town center.

Note in window, parking disc or app

To park for free in the car parks/spaces in the town center, you must either write a note and place it visibly behind your front window, use a parking disc* or a parking app** on your mobile phone to register your arrival time. Write/register the time and date you parked your vehicle (for example 10:30, July 8), and thereafter you may remain parked for the maximum allowed time in that exact parking space. Look at the nearest sign locally for information on the maximum allowed time to remain parked.

* You can buy a parking disc in some shops and hairdressers in the town center, and on the ground floor of Rauma town hall, in the middle of Åndalsnes. Or you can just write the date and arrival time on any piece of paper you may have yourself.

** Click on this link and scroll down to find links for downloading parking app (Easypark or Smartpark for iPhone or Android)

The spaces are signposted

Follow the indicated signage for the maximum parking time allowed (this may vary in different spaces, but is generally between 1-3 hours in the town center).

In the example below you are allowed to leave the vehicle parked for a maximum time of 3 hours between 08 and 16 o'clock:

Parking sign - example










Parking for the disabled

Cars with parking permits for people with reduced mobility may park for twice as long as the maximum allowed time specified. Remember to place your proof of reduced mobility (certificate or similar) clearly visible behind your front window. Also remember to place a note or parking disc to register your arrival time, or use a mobile app.

Paid parking in Åndalsnes

From May 1 to November 1 in 2023, paid parking will be introduced at Victoriaplassen and at the car park in Kammen. For other municipal car parks outside the town center itself, the scheme will apply from June 15 to August 25. The parking spaces will be marked with a sign locally, and you can only park here for a fee or if you have a special permit.

The parking permit is only digital, and physical parking labels or the like are not used. So make sure that you register the correct registration number from your vehicle.

Parking for train travelers at Åndalsnes station

Information about parking outside the railway station especially for train travelers can be found on the web pages of BaneNor. Parking spaces especially for train travelers will be signposted.


Have you received a penalty ticket?

If you have not parked your vehicle according to the rules stated above, you may find that you have a received a penalty ticket (on a strip of yellow paper).

If you have received a penalty ticket and would like to contest it, you may write your complain on e-mail to It is a good idea to describe the incident as well as you can, and also to attach images to document the incident if you can. It is also possible to hand in your written complaint physically at town hall, on the ground floor.

A penalty ticket cannot be paid at town hall, but you may visit a local bank or pay the penalty ticket through your own bank (if abroad, you will need the IBAN and Swift number from your bank).