Settlement from the reception facility in Isfjorden

Settlement from the reception facility in Isfjorden

Do you wish to settle in Rauma municipality? Here is information about the process.

1. Information

Residents in the reception receive information about the possibility of choosing Rauma as the settlement municipality. Information can be given orally at an information meeting, and in writing as a notice at the reception translated into Ukrainian / Russian.

2. Target group

Residents at the reception in Isfjorden who want to settle in Rauma municipality.

3. Terms

  •  Residents must report the request during an interview (with the police), or after they have received a letter about a granted residence permit, a request for Rauma as a settlement municipality must be reported to IMDI.
  • Residents report to the municipality's contact person that they have received a decision and want to settle in Rauma. They are encouraged to fill in information in this web form.

4. The municipality's task

When the municipality is informed that a decision on a residence permit has been made, the person (s) are registered in IMDInett support under Settlement, and Agreed self-settlement immediately. Awaiting response from IMDI who then seeks out person (s) for settlement in Rauma.